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Effective Customer Care

Effective Customer Care



Effective Customer Care has been awarded the following accreditation:

US 10053; NQF Level 5, Credits 8


Customer Service Is Not A Department; It’s An Attitude

Customer service is the ability to provide a service or product in the way that it has been promised and then aiming to exceed the customer’s expectations. Many companies have mission statements and value propositions that state their commitment to customer care, but is everyone in the business focused on customer care and do they have the necessary skills and knowledge to care for your customer?

Customer Service Is Critical To Sustainable Business Success

In today’s highly competitive business environment and strenuous economic circumstances where customers have a wide variety of choice, it is your level of customer service that can make the difference between success and failure. Tony Allessandro said “Being on par in terms of price and quality only gets you into the game. Service wins the game”.

This Effective Customer Care workshop will guide you through the skills and techniques that everyone in the business need to continuously provide outstanding customer service.

Training Methodology

A highly motivational workshop; Effective Customer Care bridges the gap between knowing the importance of customer care to doing and implementing customer care on a daily basis. The first half of the workshop deals with the principles of customer care, the most important elements of service delivery according to customers, effective communication and listening skills as well as the new trends and innovations in customer care. The second part is devoted to the practical implementation of the theoretical knowledge. Here the workshop uses blended learning, taking the knowledge from the first part and then practicing the skills, with face to face role-plays and mock telephone conversations dealing with conflict, anger management and difficult conversations.

What is ‘Customer Service’?

Principles of Customer Service          

Crucial Skills   

Communication skills 

Listening skills

Problem Solving Skills


Communication: The Basics 

Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

Barriers to Effective Communication

Non-verbal Communication Behaviour

Effective Communication in Conflict          

Types of Human Transactions           

Approaching Conflict Constructively 

The Assertive Approach

Emotional Intelligence         

Characteristics of Emotional Intelligence     



Social Skills     

Building Emotional Intelligence        

The Character of Conflict    

Sources of Conflict     

Why Stress Makes Customers ‘Difficult’       

Resolving Conflict     

Understanding the Theory: Conflict Styles

Negotiate a Solution  


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