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Coaching And Mentoring Skills

Coaching And Mentoring Skills




Coaching and mentoring sessions keep individuals on track in terms of the values, vision and strategy of the business, and assist in the development of people in organizations. 

Coach or Mentor staff to reach their full potential.

What is Coaching and Mentoring?

Coaching – an interaction that focuses on enhancing knowledge and skill. It is a way of having powerful and meaningful conversations and interactions delivering sustainable change and growth.

Mentoring - from the Greek word meaning enduring - is defined as a sustained relationship between an employee and a trusted advisor. Through continued involvement, the mentor offers support, guidance, and leadership as the apprentice goes through a difficult period, faces new challenges, develops skills and grows. Mentoring is generally regarded as the transfer of experience.

Why is coaching and mentoring of employees important?
The concept and implementation of Mentoring and Coaching of individuals in business have grown significantly in recent years in South Africa as business recognizes the increased value of retaining and growing star performers. Regular coaching and mentoring sessions keep individuals on track in terms of the values, vision and strategy of the business and assist in the development of people in organizations. Coaching and mentoring help unlock potential, reinforce strengths and counteract any negative behaviour, all with the aim of maximising the individual’s performance.

Why is it necessary?

The coaches and mentors can very effectively transfer core skills

To increase the skill levels

For succession planning

Coaching and mentoring provides a learning channel that effectively transfers knowledge within the organization

Critical knowledge is maintained in the organization

Contextual learning is evident

Customization of skills in relation to the core activities of the business is retained

Cross training of staff can be achieved

The ability to identify 'fast track' candidates and prepare them for new jobs is enhanced by coaching and mentoring

Coaching and mentoring can ensure continuity of performance when key staff leave the organization because core skills have been transferred

Benefits to the Coach/Mentor

  • Job satisfaction
  • Further development of own skill level
  • Involvement in strategic activity
  • Increase in skill level
  • Access to detailed knowledge
  • Individual attention in terms of training and development
  • Career path progression

Training Methodology

A highly interactive workshop Coaching and Mentoring will enable delegates to have a full understanding of the principles, methodology and practical implementation of coaching and mentoring. It will deal with the question of what coaching and mentoring is, the common things coaches and mentors are expected to do, how to communicate like a coach and mentor, how to identify and address behavioural patterns and problems, how to create rapport and how to measure changes and improvement. The workshop will use blended learning, taking the theory of coaching and mentoring and enabling delegates to practically implement their knowledge gained at the workshop into their working lives and role as mentor and coach.

Course Content
Foundation theories in coaching and mentoring
The application of a coaching and mentoring framework
Critical success factors in coaching
Ethics and a code of coaching conduct aligned to international best practice
Feedback techniques in coaching and mentoring
Develop a personal coaching and mentoring plan based on self-assessment of their needs
Develop awareness around on going professional development through forming a community of practice in coaching and mentoring.

We introduce participants to key knowledge, attitudes and skills pertaining to coaching and mentoring in the business environment

  • Upon completion of this course you will be able to define the key concepts associated with coaching and mentoring:
  • Understand the basic processes behind coaching and mentoring
  • Understand the benefits of coaching and mentoring
  • Identify opportunities for coaching and mentoring
  • Understand the nature of the relationships that must be managed in any coaching or mentoring program
  • Use the knowledge for the overall benefit of the organization

What you will learn!

The principles of Coaching and Mentoring clarified


What is coaching and mentoring?


When is coaching and mentoring needed


What are the common things coaches and mentors are expected to do?


Coaching and mentoring do’s and don’ts

How to create rapport as a mentor and coach


How to communicate like a coach and mentor - Coaching structure and jargon


What questions to ask


How to identify and address behavioural patterns and problems


How to give feedback


Feedback formulas and techniques

How to measure the coaching and mentoring intervention


How to align individual values with company values as a tool for direction and focus


How to improve the decision making process


How to implement successful performance appraisals


Elements and structure of successful performance appraisals


How to approach performance appraisals as a coach and mentor


One on one vs group coaching


Dealing with conflict in dealing with teams, meetings and one-on-one environments


When to apply the rules


The do’s and don’ts


The best approach for yourself, teams and projects


The tick box of successful goal setting


How to create vision and team buy-in


How to influence teams and people


How to manage execution of plans by using coaching and mentoring conversations

How to coach yourself


How to adjust the tools and apply them to your own life


On-Site Workshops

  • All workshops are offered in-house at your offices to a minimum of 5 delegates
  • You provide the venue and refreshments, Front Foot supply all the workshop material – including laptops for computer-based training sessions

 Remote Workshops

  • All workshops are offered remotely to a minimum of 5 delegates
  • Front Foot supply all the electronic workshop material



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