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Managing Customer Complaints

Managing Customer Complaints


1-Day Workshop Outline

Empower your staff to ensure customer complaints are efficiently and effectively handled and resolved

Have you ever wondered why other businesses or service providers seem to have more satisfied customers? Join us for this refreshing one-day look at complaints and customer management and leave armed with all the tools and tips you need to turn your customers into Raving Fans!

Dealing with customers complaints is very stressful IF you have no plan of action!

Most people clam up and are lost for words when a customer explains they are not happy with your establishment. Many customers become aggressive and difficult if they perceive that the person in charge of offering solutions is uncaring or uncooperative. If you and your staff are equipped to deal with complaints professionally, this could turn an unhappy dissatisfied customer, into a loyal customer for life.

By learning a few simple rules and steps to dealing proactively with people, you will learn how to resolve complaints and difficult customer situations more effectively, and in turn, assist you and your business to create more easy-going, loyal customers for life.

Did you know?

  • That 5 out of 6 customers will continue using your services/buying your product, even if you could not resolve their complaint, BUT because they perceived that the person dealing with the   complaint CARED!
  • Only 1 out of 26 customers will bring a problem to your attention. Therefore the customer who complains is your ally.
  • It costs 5 times more to gain a new customer, compared to keeping your existing customer.


Managers of front line staff

Sales and service staff, or any person dealing with the public



  • The Customer

                o             How customers create their expectations and what causes them to complain

                o             Their mindset when lodging a complaint and how they would prefer to be treated

                o             The mindset to adopt when assisting dissatisfied clients

  • Complaint Statistics and how they affect your business

                o             The cost of an unresolved complaint

                o             The cost of resolving the complaint

                o             The number of people who learn of a bad service experience from ONE unhappy                                            customer?

                o             The percentage of customers that will stop using your services due to a bad experience

                o             The percentage of customers who complain dishonestly?

  • Why complaints are necessary and positive for any company/organisation

                o             If complaints are dealt with pro-actively, this will improve your business


  • How to create a company policy to ensure customer complaints are resolved (as far as possible, in line with company practices)

                o             Identify common complaints and causes

                o             Formulate solutions that may be offered to customers (empower staff)

                o             Identify complaints that may be dealt with by front line staff

                o             Identify complaints that should rather be dealt with by management

  • Communication skills to practice when dealing with complaints

                o             Verbal skills to master in order to display confidence, enthusiasm and co-operation

                o             Non-verbal skills to master in order to display confidence, care, concern and willingness                                                to assist

  • 7 steps to resolving complaint situations, including:

                o             Clarifying the complaint

                o             Practices to avoid while a customer is complaining

                o             Finding solutions with the customers to resolve the complaint

                o             Following up with customers once a complaint has been resolved

  • Complaint Simulations/ Role plays:

                o             During the workshop, complaint situations will be simulated to give delegates an opportunity to deal with complaints

                o             Role plays will be analyzed and feedback provided after each simulation to assist delegates to improve these skills


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 Remote Workshops

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