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Confidence And Assertiveness Skills

Confidence And Assertiveness Skills



Employees who are passive at work are often undervalued and ignored for promotion. Being more assertive will bring your employees better opportunities and more job satisfaction. Learning to act and speak in a more assertive way could help them overcome obstacles such as shyness, low self-esteem and a lack of confidence. During this two-day training course they will gain the tools and techniques to boost their confidence and build their self-esteem.

Self-Confidence – What Is Confidence?

 How can I project confidence even if I don’t yet feel confident?

  • Our self-concept affects our self-confidence
  • Dealing with past “failures” and low self-confidence
  • Self-confidence and life skills
  • How to create the right impression
    • How to look and behave
    • How to enter a room
    • How to greet people
    • How to strike up a conversation
  • Analyse your own levels of confidence in various situations
  • Practical ways to enhance your confidence
  • High levels of self-confidence are important. Why?
  • Factors that increase self-confidence
  • Creating a personal belief system
  • Creating a positive outlook
  • Dealing with different levels of people with confidence
  • Essential steps to increase your confidence levels
  • How to ensure you get what you want

What is Assertiveness?

 Assertiveness vs Aggressiveness

  • Analyse your own assertiveness levels
  • How to be more assertive
  • Changes you can expect from being assertive
  • How to attract rather than repel people
  • How to sell yourself and yourself and your ideas in an assertive manner
  • How to manage conflict in an assertive manner
  • Essential steps to increase your levels of assertiveness
  • Key life skills – self assessment

Practical Exercises

  • How to communicate confidently
  • How to enter a room
  • How to greet people
  • How to behave in a meeting
  • Tips on connecting with people
  • Tips for being assertive
  • How to become the person you want to be
  • How to deal with difficult clients in a confident, assertive manner
  • How to manage your performance appraisal meeting
  • How to deal with your boss and colleagues in a positive, assertive manner




Look the Part: Appearance    

Look the Part: Body Language           

Look the Part: Attitude           

Challenge Your Self-Talk       




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