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Business Etiquette

Business Etiquette



Business etiquette is so much more complex than knowing table manners!

Staff members who know the basic rules of business etiquette and good manners will not only enhance your image - they may even delight your clients. How your staff members treat your clients will make all the difference in the clients' experience...and good experiences make people come back for more.

In this workshop we cover how to be considerate of others, appropriate dress, the workplace versus social situations, business meetings, proper introductions and 'the handshake', conversation skills, small talk.  Cultural differences affecting South African’s in everyday business. 

Delegates will learn the hidden value – and priceless potential – of image, etiquette and protocol and how it can make a difference to their career success and your business.

“Etiquette means behaving yourself a little better than is absolutely essential.”

In life and in business first impressions as well as on-going interactions are critical because people buy from people. Employees’ appearance, attitude and behavior are therefore a direct reflection of your company and brand.

Whether it is appropriate dress or image, sending out professional business communication, wording an email correctly or having awareness about cultural sensitivities, having good business etiquette can give us the edge in almost every situation.

How do your employees measure up?

The course addresses frequently asked questions such as:

  • What is business etiquette?
  • Why is business etiquette important?
  • What is professional conduct?
  • How to maintain a professional appearance
  • How should I behave in an open plan office?
  • How to develop positive, professional relationships with your co-workers and superiors

Have you ever been in a situation where:

  • You meet someone important and have no idea what to say or do?
  • You show up at an important meeting under or overdressed?

Let's face it: we've all had those embarrassing etiquette gaffes. This Business Etiquette workshop will help participants look and sound their best no matter what the situation.

This is a highly interactive and participative workshop which includes a combination of delegate input on real life experiences and facilitator guidance.



Understand how to communicate and interact with colleagues and peers.


Learn techniques that allow others to feel heard, involved, claim ownership and responsibility


Learn how to positively influence people and colleagues to get results


Learn how to diffuse conflict situations


Understand the dynamics of successful approaches


Apply your powerful communication skills to growing other areas of your business life


Learn how to identify and address behavioural patterns and problems


Learn how to align individual values with company values as a tool for direction and focus


When to apply the rules


The best approach for yourself, teams and projects


The tick box of successful goal setting


How to create vision and team buy-in


How to influence teams and people

The Role of Good Manners in Business

When using accepted etiquette, you’re using behaviours that encourage human response.  You are more likely to get positive results, earn co-operation and support, get commitments, gain clients, and keep peace!

Greeting Etiquette

Greeting properly and appropriate responses

Introducing people correctly

No-no behaviour in public

Function and Travel Etiquette

Invitations and responding to them

Table settings - what goes where and in which order to use it

Table etiquette - being gracious and considerate

Respect for speakers and schedules

Adhering to function dress codes

General Behavioural Principles at Work

Honour other people’s territory

Expand your knowledge

Handle mistakes gracefully

Honour your working hours


Dressing appropriately for work: you don't want to be remembered for all the wrong reasons

Hair, make-up and accessories: make it work for you

Personal hygiene: 99% isn't good enough

Multi-Cultural Etiquette

Cultural differences and their effect on business etiquette


On-Site Workshops

  • All workshops are offered in-house at your offices to a minimum of 5 delegates
  • You provide the venue and refreshments, Front Foot supply all the workshop material

 Remote Workshops

  • All workshops are offered remotely to a minimum of 5 delegates
  • Front Foot supply all the electronic workshop material


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