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Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher



Publisher is a desktop publishing application that helps you create visually rich, professional-looking publications.

With Publisher you can:

  • Lay out content for a print or online publication in a variety of pre-designed templates.
  • Create simple items like greeting cards and labels.
  • Create complex projects like yearbooks, catalogs, and professional email newsletters.

What is Microsoft Publisher used for?

Publisher is a great app for creating visually rich, professional-looking publications without investing lots of money and time in a complicated desktop publishing application.

What you will learn

  • Tips for creating a good presentation           
  • Targeting your audience       
  • Publisher is a desktop publishing software application capable of producing greeting cards, certificates, newsletters, and other printed publications.
  • It includes a large collection of templates that provide a great way to start a new publication.
  • Offers a large selection of building blocks that can be dragged into your documents, helping you to create page elements such as calendars, newsletter sidebars, and borders.
  • Publisher integrates online sharing and mail merge features, which are handy when you need to send publications to a list of customers, and it’s possible to export publications as HTML web pages or PDF documents.
  • With a user-friendly interface, Publisher makes it easy to create and edit publications.

Workshop Outline

Layout of the Publisher screen

Understanding Frames         

  • Text Frames/ Table Frames/ WordArt Frames        

Creating your own publication

  • Text Frames/ Formatting Text/ Bold, Italic and Underline/ Change Fonts/ Insert Symbols
  • Line Spacing/ Paragraph Spacing/ Character Spacing/ Horizontal Alignment/ Vertical Alignment     
  • Saving a new publication/ Opening an existing publication        
  • Spell check/ Undo and Redo/ Moving through a publication   
  • Insert New Page/ Printing          

Drawing Tools           

  • Drawing a shape/ Moving a shape/ Resizing a shape/ Copying a shape/ Selecting multiple shapes/ Shape properties        
  • Filling/ Fill Effects/ Lines / To rotate or flip and an object          

Shadows and 3D Effects       

  • Custom Shapes/ WordArt/ Frame Order/ Clipart and Pictures   

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