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Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project


3-Day Workshop

Our workshop presenters are Microsoft Certified Trainers as well as Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists

Meet your project objectives
The ability to deliver on time and within budget are important objectives in any project environment. Microsoft Project is a unique offering in the Office Suite that allows you the overview and insight you need to track your project progress and deliver on your promises.

Track project progress

Designed to impart a sound understanding of the capabilities and reach of Microsoft Project, this 3-day workshop gives delegates the confidence to efficiently organise and track tasks and resources. In addition, delegates will learn how best to integrate this critical software into their working environment for maximum efficacy.

Deliver on your promises
This workshop covers the full range of Project functionality from basic to advanced levels of use, eliminating the need to attend any additional workshops.

Practical learning session with exercises and templates
Each delegate will have the opportunity to set up a variety of documents during the course and will complete a set of exercises and practical learning sessions to further anchor and establish the new techniques they've learned.

Day One and Two

Introduction to Project

  • The Project Window Components
  • Show or Hide Toolbars
  • Navigating the Views in Project
  • Access More Views
  • Using a different Table in the Gantt Chart
  • Access More Tables
  • Splitting the Window
  • Switch between Forms in the Split Window
  • The Project Guide

Setting Up a New Project

  • Create a New Project / Save a New Project/ Create a Copy of a Project
  • Setting Up a Project Template/ Using the Project Templates
  • Setting the Project Start Date and Properties
  • Setting up the Standard Calendar

Creating the Work Breakdown Structure

  • Capturing Tasks/ Selecting Tasks/ Edit Tasks
  • Open the Task Information dialogue box
  • Add Notes to Tasks/ Deleting Tasks/ Copy and Move tasks/ Adjusting the Task Order/ Insert a New Task/ Creating Summary Tasks

Task Duration and Relationships

  • Duration Types/ Set Task Duration/ Task Dependency Types
  • Link Tasks/ Edit Task Dependencies
  • Lag and Lead Times
  • Task Constraints/ Task Deadlines/ Recurring Tasks/ Split Tasks/ Create a Project Summary Task/ Setting Up a Task Calendar

Set up Resources

  • Create Resources/ Open the Resource Information Dialogue Box
  • Edit Resources/ Deleting Resources/ Copy and Move resources
  • Adjusting the Resource Order/ Add a New Resource

Resource Assignment

  • Task Types/ Effort Driven Tasks
  • Assign Resources/ Adjust Resource Assignments/ Remove Assigned Resources
  • Level Resources/ Create a Resource Calendar

The Baseline and Critical Path

  • Save the Baseline/ Clear the Baseline/ View the Critical Path and Baseline

Planning Reports

  • View Reports/ Print Reports/ Planning Report Content Summary


Day Three

Capturing Actual Information 

Project Tracking

  • Multiple Baselines/ Save Multiple Baselines/ View Multiple Baselines/ Add new Baselines to a View
  • Interim Plans/ Save an Interim Plan/ View Interim Plans
  • Set a Project Status Date
  • Progress Lines/Add Progress lines manually/ Remove Progress lines/ Add Progress lines automatically/ Add Progress lines at intervals
  • Remove Automatic and Recurring Progress lines

Project Tracking Views and Reports

  • Task Usage/ Add additional fields to the Task Usage View/ Resource Usage/ Add additional fields to the Resource Usage View
  • Tracking Views/ Tracking Reports

Earned Value Indicators

  • Earned Value Fields/ BCWP (Earned Value)/ ACWP (Actual Cost)/ BCWS (Planned Value)/ CV/ SV/ Earned Value Information
  • Tables/ Reports
  • Exporting Information to Excel/ Start the Export/ Using the Excel template
  • Creating your own map/ Using an existing map/ Importing Information from Excel/ Start the Import/ Using a new map/ Using an existing map

Subprojects and Shared Resources

  • Set up Workspaces/ Open a Saved Workspace
  • Creating Subprojects
  • External Task Links
  • Sharing Resources

Customise MS Project

  • Tables/ Insert/Remove a Column in a Table/ Edit a current Table/ Create a new Table/ Show a new Table/ Delete a Table
  • Reports/ Create a Custom Report/ Edit an existing Report/ Delete a Report
  • Custom Reports Overview/ Views/ Create a Custom View/ Edit an existing View/ Delete a View/ Fields
  • Modify Information Using the Organiser/ Delete Information/ Copy Information

Additional Information

  • Create a Resource Cost Rate Table
  • Assign a Resource Cost Rate Table
  • Apply Filters
  • Remove a filter
  • Apply Groups
  • Remove a group


On-Site Workshops

  • All workshops are offered in-house at your offices to a minimum of 5 delegates
  • You provide the venue and refreshments, Front Foot supply all the workshop material – including laptops for computer-based training sessions

 Remote Workshops

  • All workshops are offered remotely to a minimum of 5 delegates
  • Front Foot supply all the electronic workshop material


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