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Excel Level 3

Excel Level 3


Front Foot Microsoft workshop presenters are Microsoft Certified Trainers as well as Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists

SAQA US ID 10053 - NQF Level 5, Credits 162


Master Excel at the advanced level
Our Excel Level 3 workshop aims to take you on to the next level of Excel functionality with an intensive 1 day course offering. This is your opportunity to learn how to make the most of everything Excel has to offer – everyday.
Discover the full potential of this powerful offering
Covering advanced functionality such as the consolidation of workbooks, automating worksheets, file collaboration, auditing features and more, this course allows you to confidently and efficiently maximise your use – and the full potential - of Microsoft Excel.

Workshop Outline

Automating Worksheets     

  • Create a Macro         
  • Edit a Macro  
  • Delete a Macro          
  • Assign a Macro to the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Create a Macro Button          
  • Edit a Macro Button  
  • Adjust Macro Settings
  • Create Digital Signatures      
  • Apply Digital Signatures         

Data Structure and Default Settings          

  • Apply Conditional Formatting
  • Add Data Validation Criteria 
  • Locate Invalid Data and Formulas     
  • Group and Outline Data        
  • Update a Workbook's Properties       
  • Modify Excel's Default Settings         

File Collaboration     

  • Apply File Protection  
  • Protect a Worksheet  
  • Share a Workbook     
  • Set Revision Tracking
  • Review Tracked Revisions     
  • Merge Workbooks     

Auditing Features     

  • Trace Cell Precedents
  • Trace Cell Dependents          
  • Locate Errors in Formulas     
  • Add a Watch  
  • Evaluate Formulas     

Data Analysis

  • Apply a Trendline to a Chart 
  • Create Scenarios        
  • Perform What-If Analysis with Goal Seek     
  • Perform What-If Analysis with Solver           
  • Create a PivotTable© Report
  • Edit the PivotTable© Report 
  • Create a PivotChart© Report
  • Perform Statistical Analysis with the Analysis ToolPak         

Work with Multiple Workbooks     

  • Create a Workspace  
  • Consolidate Data       
  • Link Different Workbooks
  • Edit Links between Workbooks          

Data Import with XML         

  • Import XML Maps / Data       
  • Export XML Data


On-Site Workshops

  • All workshops are offered in-house at your offices to a minimum of 5 delegates
  • You provide the venue and refreshments, Front Foot supply all the workshop material – including laptops for computer-based training sessions

 Remote Workshops

  • All workshops are offered remotely to a minimum of 5 delegates
  • Front Foot supply all the electronic workshop material


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