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Microsoft Excel Power User


Microsoft Excel Power User

2-Day Workshop

Excel has been an enterprise mainstay for years, with Microsoft recently increasing its workplace appeal by adding collaboration tools and notifications, among other features.

While the spreadsheet program is popular, many users do not know how to take advantage of the plethora of features it offers.  This little piece of software is the unicorn of spreadsheets and that’s why so many people want to master Microsoft Excel. 

Learn how to design and manipulate spreadsheets, graphs, and charts.  Design, construct and then effectively use robust financial spreadsheets across a range of potential uses and applications.

Excel is prized for its perceived simplicity, but is far more capable and complex than it appears on the surface.  You’ll be hard-pressed to find an office that doesn’t use Excel for one purpose or another, even as more sophisticated solutions hit the market.

Workshop Outline


  • Formula basics
  • Errors In formulas
  • Absolute and Relative Referencing
  • The structure of functions
  • Linking cells
  • The Format painter
  • Paste Special

Named Ranges          

  • Defining a Named Range
  • Removing a name from a cell
  • Using named ranges in a formula

Using Hyperlinks       

Using Functions in Excel       

  • Logical Functions
  • The IF Function
  • The And & the OR function
  • The Iferror function
  • The Iserror function
  • Nesting Or/And/iserror and If
  • Lookup Functions
  • The Find function
  • The Match and Index functions
  • The Address function
  • Mathematical Functions
  • Date Functions
  • The TODAY function
  • The NOW function
  • The Date function
  • The Networkingdays function
  • The Year function
  • The Month function
  • The Day function
  • Text Functions
  • The Concatenate function
  • The Left and Right functions
  • The Mid function
  • The Trim function
  • The Upper, Lower and Proper functions
  • The Replace function
  • The Value function
  • The Clean function
  • Financial Functions
  • The PMT function
  • The IPMT function
  • The FV function
  • The NPV function
  • The IRR function

Filtering Data with Auto-Filter        

Filter table data by using Slicers     


Automating Worksheets with Macro’s      

  • Recording a Macro
  • Edit a Macro
  • Run a Macro
  • Delete a Macro
  • Assign a Macro to the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Create a Macro Button
  • Edit a Macro Button
  • Adjust Macro Settings
  • Apply Digital Signatures

Data Structure and Default Settings          

Apply Conditional Formatting        

Data Validation

  • Add Data Validation Criteria
  • Locate Invalid Data

Update a Workbook's Properties   

Modify Excel's Default Settings       

File Collaboration     

  • Apply File Protection
  • Protect a Worksheet

Auditing Features     

  • Trace Cell Precedents
  • Trace Cell Dependents
  • Locate Errors in Formulas
  • Add a Watch
  • Evaluate Formulas

Data Analysis

  • Apply a Trendline to a Chart
  • Apply a Sparkline to a Range of Data
  • Set up Scenarios
  • Perform What-If Analysis with Goal Seek
  • Perform What-If Analysis with Solver
  • Set up a PivotTable© Report
  • Edit the PivotTable© Report
  • Set up a PivotChart© Report
  • Perform Statistical Analysis with the Analysis ToolPak

Work with Multiple Workbooks     

  • Consolidate Data
  • Link Data between Workbooks
  • Edit Links between Workbooks

Data Import with XML         

  • Import XML Maps / Data

Export XML Data


On-Site Workshops

  • All workshops are offered in-house at your offices to a minimum of 5 delegates
  • You provide the venue and refreshments, Front Foot supply all the workshop material – including laptops for computer-based training sessions

 Remote Workshops

  • All workshops are offered remotely to a minimum of 5 delegates
  • Front Foot supply all the electronic workshop material



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